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August 6, 2012

We’re still here! And going strong…

Hello friends and customers, we are still here, even though it has been a long time since we last posted new information. We have been spending most of our time on our facebook page, and had not checked in here recently. If you want to see what you have missed you can catch up here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Longo-Electric-LLC/108154109209287

Please do keep in mind that we are available for all of your electrical repair installation and maintenance needs. We hope that you will think of us the next time a storm blows through as we offer storm damage repair with complimentary generator service to keep your refrigerator cold and your freezers frozen. Alternately, we would love to come to your home or business and review your portable stanby generator options or even better quote an automatic standby generator installation for you.

We want to be sure that you know that Longo Electric, LLC is your on call electrical service in East Tennessee and while we love working in Blount & Knox counties, we are prepared to travel as far as our state licensing allows us.

How may we be of service to you today?

November 15, 2011

LED, It’s on!

LED, It’s on!

Boys and Girls LED lighting is here and it is now. Over the last two years we have been personally testing LED lighting technology in our homes and we are most pleased. Longo Electric can firmly recommend that you skip over using compact fluorescent lighting and invest in LED lighting. Here is why:

LED lamps are: 98% recyclable, contain no mercury, are more energy efficient than CFL lamps, last longer than any other light source, have better color rendering, dimmable and use less energy as they are dimmed, have excellent color rendering, light instantly at full brightness, don’t break like a CFL do.

So far in our own homes we have switched to LED equivalents in our table and floor lamps, switched all of our 4” recessed lighting from 50 watt PAR (incandescent) lamps to 7 watt Phillips LED’s. Converted to LED Christmas lights, and switch all of our landscape lighting installations to Kichler LED.

We feel great about our reduced energy usage and our even, well lit homes.

Please note that it is of paramount importance that you use quality LED lamps (bulbs) and components. We would be happy to guide you in the purchase and installation of energy efficient lighting and help you to invest in your home or business energy savings program.


August 22, 2010

Koontz Solar PV system is 50% complete!

We began a 2kW solar Photovoltaic (PV) installation for Mr. Koontz in Strawberry Plains, TN yesterday. We, and Mr. Koontz are extremely excited for his system to go online and to start selling electricity back to KUB. This system is an array of 10 Sharp 220 watt PV modules and a 2000 watt PV Powered grid tied inverter. Of particular interest is that Sharp PV panels are manufactured in nearby Memphis, TN and the PV Powered inverter is manufactured in Oregon. How is that for keeping the cash in this country?

An initial site analysis and feasibility study was performed by Paul Platillero of Cara-Sol and Dan Longo of Longo Electric, LLC in a joint endeavor. The analysis indicates that Mr. Koontz’ solar system will pay for itself in 13 years, but of course the payback may come sooner as electrical rates continue to climb. We salute Mr. Koontz for being on the cutting edge of technology and the green power movement, in talking with him we have realized that the decision to install his solar system has not only been based on economics, but more importantly, reducing his environmental impact.

The Koontz solar system is scheduled to be online and generating energy by early September. The solar PV process is somewhat complex due to utility regulations, governmental procedure, and municipal electrical inspections. As part of the solar PV design and installation process, all parties come to the table (usually at the proposed site) and form a plan, timeline, and schedule. But while the process is complex Longo and Cara-Sol are there throughout to act as the customers’ guide, and representative. Our goal is to leave you completely satisfied, have fun and make new friends along the way.

Please contact Longo Electric, LLC with any questions about solar power and how we may design and install a system for you. We are also pleased to serve our commercial customers solar power needs.

August 8, 2010

Grounding & Bonding CEU Class

We just attended  another CEU class and this time the subject was Grounding and Boding. The class was led by IAEI East Tennessee chapter member and TN electrical inspector. We always love these classes, because the lecturers share photo’s and commentary about real life “horror stories” from our own back yard. Of course, we wish no one any harm, but it is important to remember that faulty and poor electrical installations exist all around us. Below are a few highlights of the refresher than the Longo Electric LLC team brushed up on.

Article 250 of the NEC is the longest and most extensive article and it covers Grounding and Boding. The ground in an electrical system is of paramount importance. While the grounding electrode conductor, equipment bonding jumpers, main bonding jumper and equipment grounding conductor are often taken for granted they are the most important component in any electrical system. The purpose of the ground is to bring any stray currents and voltage transients to a zero potential, to  facilitate the operation of overcurrent protective devices (OCPD), and to provide a low impedance return path for objectionable or fault current to travel upon.

Proper Grounding and Boding not only protects humans and livestock from the perils of electric shock, but also aids in preventing fire due to ground fault conditions by operating the associated overcurrent protection device (fuses, circuit breakers, GFCI’s). The most common wiring error that we see other electricians making, and that we have to correct, is not bonding metal boxes as pet article 250. Generally this is due to lack of proper education, apathy, laziness, and installers cutting corners to save money. Unfortunately, though, cutting corners is the main reason that perilous situations arise in the operation of electrical systems. A simple Google search on electrocution will show that most electrical accidents related to shock or electrocution are caused in part by lack of, improper, or faulty Grounding and Boding.
Another common wiring error that we see and correct is the intentional interconnection of the grounded and grounding conductors in a sub panel. The grounded conductor (neutral) of an electrical system shall only be bonded to the grounding (ground) conductor at the first disconnecting means of a service or separately derived system. If you draw a simple three line diagram of the grounding, grounded, and current carrying conductors of a given system the reason for isolating the neutral and ground at any location downstream of the main is obvious. The idea is that when a ground fault occurs that the fault current travel upon the grounding conductor in order to operate the OCPD in a timely manner. If, however, multiple return current paths exist, then current may unsafely travel on the neutral or  other normally un-energized surfaces and the OCPD may never operate. Furthermore, if a person finds themselves in the path of travel of fault current, injury and possibly fatality usually  result.

We could go on and on about Grounding and Boding, but we’ll wrap it up here and pick up with some related topics in the near future. Remember, wiring is no hobby, please call a licensed electrical contractor.

June 15, 2010

From end to end and back again.

First thing this morning found us in Farragut, TN adding an outdoor GFCI for a new customer who is having a water feature installed by Acadia Landscape Co. of Knoxville in the next few weeks. We then headed a few miles away to check in the previously mentioned outdoor kitchen project. After a brief job meeting with Mike, of Able Gunite Pools and Todd Barker of Acadia, we completed our rough in then headed East. By the time we arrived in the Fifth & Gill neighborhood in Knoxville to put the finishing touches on another outdoor project the temperature had climbed into the 90′s! The last stop was back to home base in Maryville to replace a ballast and lamps in the kitchen light for one of our great commercial clients, but in their personal home.

After some family time and getting everyone tucked into their beds, we are back at the desk wrapping up an under cabinet lighting proposal which will use Kichler’s Design Pro LED’s, followed by an estimate for a new house about to come out of the ground for a private builder.

Tomorrow we will do what we love again, but try to start in the wee hours to beat some of the heat!