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November 15, 2011

LED, It’s on!

LED, It’s on!

Boys and Girls LED lighting is here and it is now. Over the last two years we have been personally testing LED lighting technology in our homes and we are most pleased. Longo Electric can firmly recommend that you skip over using compact fluorescent lighting and invest in LED lighting. Here is why:

LED lamps are: 98% recyclable, contain no mercury, are more energy efficient than CFL lamps, last longer than any other light source, have better color rendering, dimmable and use less energy as they are dimmed, have excellent color rendering, light instantly at full brightness, don’t break like a CFL do.

So far in our own homes we have switched to LED equivalents in our table and floor lamps, switched all of our 4” recessed lighting from 50 watt PAR (incandescent) lamps to 7 watt Phillips LED’s. Converted to LED Christmas lights, and switch all of our landscape lighting installations to Kichler LED.

We feel great about our reduced energy usage and our even, well lit homes.

Please note that it is of paramount importance that you use quality LED lamps (bulbs) and components. We would be happy to guide you in the purchase and installation of energy efficient lighting and help you to invest in your home or business energy savings program.


June 7, 2010

A Happy Barn!

It is twice as bright in the Bozeman family’s barn this evening, because we upgraded their lighting today. We replaced the existing 8′ 2 lamp T-12 magnetic ballasted fluorescents with new 8′ 4-4′ T8 lamp models. The new fixtures feature electronic ballasts, and combined with the lamps they are about 50% more energy efficient than their predecessors. the new fixtures also put out about 30% more light! We also replaced all receptacles with weatherproof GFCI’s and replaced all of the Square D QO type breakers in the barn panel. We now feel sorry for Mr. Bozeman who can’t use “the lights don’t work” excuse to postpone his chores.

Wow, energy efficiency improvements + lighting quality improvements + safety upgrades = a quality installation!