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September 22, 2010

Another Live One!

We commissioned another PV system in Walland, TN today. This system is comprised of 9 Sharp 224 watt panels in series. Ya’ll should come out and see the system in generation on 10/2/10 as this system is part of the 2010 Knoxville Solar Tour.


September 16, 2010

A lot of our customers think that we hung the moon (we didn’t, but don’t tell them!) We do, however, install solar systems!

Wednesday September 15, 2010. Strawberry Plains (Knoxville), TN:

Today the 2.2 kW Photovoltaic (PV) system that we installed in concert with Cara-Sol Energy of Knoxville, TN went online. Longo Electric was onsite at sunrise to perform the final tests before commissioning Mr. Koontz solar system. Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) Representatives, a Meter Specialists and Linemen were also on hand to add Mr. Koontz system to the TVA Generation Partners electrical generation grid. the Koontz solar system is just the ninth residential PV system to go online in the KUB service area. At 2240 watts Mr. Koontz system consists of 10 Sharp 224 watt panels fed into a PV Powered brand inverter. The inverter synched flawlessly with KUB’s supplied power. After approximately one hour of uptime the new solar system had already generated 3 kWh’s of electricity which will appear as a credit on Mr. Koontz future electric bills.

Longo Electric LLC is especially proud of this installation because of Mr. Koontz eagerness to embrace technology and to lower his carbon footprint. Mr. Koontz even assisted in many facets of the installation process; as a retired tradesman Mr. Koontz simply could not sit idle while we did our work, he insisted on helping!

Thanks again to the superb team from KUB, Cara-Sol, and Kemery Company, our PV supplier.