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June 16, 2010

Fire Pump CEU’s

We spent last night at a class presented by the East Tennessee Chapter of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI). The class was on Fire Pumps which are covered under Article 695 of the National Electrical Code (NEC). Fire pumps are electrically driven hydraulic pumps that ONLY operate under a sprinkler condition. the most unique thing about fire pumps is that they are designed to run until they, their feeder conductors, and their controllers are completely burned up, either by an overload situation, or from the fire itself. Fire pumps are a sacrificial piece of equipment that are only designed to run when there is a fire that has caused a sprinkler system to operate. Fire pumps are powered by their own service or multiple feeders so that upon arrival the fire department can remove power from the building, but not from the fire pump.

Fire pumps are usually specified by engineers and are often required by insurance companies. If you have the need for a fire pump system in your facility, just let us know and we will be happy to help you get a system designed, then install it for you.

Oh yeah, what the heck is a CEU? CEU’s or Continuing Education Units are credits for taking courses, classes, and seminars in areas pertinent to ones profession. Currently the State of Tennessee does not require Electrical Contractors to complete ANY CEU’s, but Longo Electric’s policy is to never stop learning and to continually add build on our educational foundation so that we may stay informed, code compliant, and efficient.

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June 15, 2010

From end to end and back again.

First thing this morning found us in Farragut, TN adding an outdoor GFCI for a new customer who is having a water feature installed by Acadia Landscape Co. of Knoxville in the next few weeks. We then headed a few miles away to check in the previously mentioned outdoor kitchen project. After a brief job meeting with Mike, of Able Gunite Pools and Todd Barker of Acadia, we completed our rough in then headed East. By the time we arrived in the Fifth & Gill neighborhood in Knoxville to put the finishing touches on another outdoor project the temperature had climbed into the 90′s! The last stop was back to home base in Maryville to replace a ballast and lamps in the kitchen light for one of our great commercial clients, but in their personal home.

After some family time and getting everyone tucked into their beds, we are back at the desk wrapping up an under cabinet lighting proposal which will use Kichler’s Design Pro LED’s, followed by an estimate for a new house about to come out of the ground for a private builder.

Tomorrow we will do what we love again, but try to start in the wee hours to beat some of the heat!

June 7, 2010

A Happy Barn!

It is twice as bright in the Bozeman family’s barn this evening, because we upgraded their lighting today. We replaced the existing 8′ 2 lamp T-12 magnetic ballasted fluorescents with new 8′ 4-4′ T8 lamp models. The new fixtures feature electronic ballasts, and combined with the lamps they are about 50% more energy efficient than their predecessors. the new fixtures also put out about 30% more light! We also replaced all receptacles with weatherproof GFCI’s and replaced all of the Square D QO type breakers in the barn panel. We now feel sorry for Mr. Bozeman who can’t use “the lights don’t work” excuse to postpone his chores.

Wow, energy efficiency improvements + lighting quality improvements + safety upgrades = a quality installation!